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Shearpin and Clips #9 Shank

Shearpin and Clips #9 Shank

Part Number 141-4022

Shearpin and clips to suit the #9 Rigid Shank Assembly. Shearpins provide a substantially higher breakout than hydraulic breakout machines but need to be replaced when the shearpin breaks. Ensuring you choose the correct shearpin will mean less downtime from replacing broken shearpins and less risk of breaking castings or warping the plough frame.

The number of spare shearpins required depends heavily on ground conditions, but Davimac Group recommends operators keep at least three spare shearpins per row.

The 150x150mm RHS shearpin is suitable for the AP51 has a breakout at the blade of 4,790kg with a 21mm shear face. 
The 200x200mm RHS shearpin is suitable for the AP71, AP81, and AP91 has a breakout at the blade of 6,214kg with a 24mm shear face. It is not suitable for an AP51 or assemblies on a 150x150mm RHS mount. Doing so will void your machine warranty.

Shearpins are supplied with two clips.

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