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Part Number 006-1001

The #9 shank is stronger and smarter with innovative features that make it excellent for deep ripping in tough conditions. The hydraulic shank has a 1846kg (4070lbs) maximum breakout at the blade, so you can see great results even in tough, compacted subsoils.

The unique scissor action design - not seen on any other plough brand - makes the #9 shank even more effective. Multiple pivot points on the armature allow the shank to break backwards along a much wider arc, preventing stubborn subsoil objects from latching on and breaking the shank.

It also has a sturdy, narrow profile to maximise hardpan shatter without soil inversion, and can operate at lengths of up to 600mm.

The #9 shank assembly includes shank, shinguard, rock-toothed and hardfaced blade, and complete mounting assembly. It is available for RHS mounts of either 150x150mm or 200x200mm and with a shank length of 450mm or 600mm.

The 600mm shank is not suited to all conditions. Consult Agrowplow Sales before considering this option.
Some assembly required.

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